We get letters...

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Carol Cat Trochelman of Washington IL writes:

I got a little story for you. A little while back you played at the Washington Library. I talked my eighty-one year old mom into going even though she did not want to. Since Dad passed away a little over a year ago, she doesn’t want to do anything. In October she had a small stroke.

Well, she had so much fun at the concert, she was singing along and tapping her feet, and loved you so much, we got three of your CDs - "Every Step of the Way,” “The Streets of Old Chicago,” and her favorite, “Time Ain’t Got Nothin’ on Me.” 

She listens to you sing many times a day. It soothes her. It makes her feel good, and some of the songs really resonate with her.

Having come to hear you sing and listening to your music has meant more to her than just my words can express. 

Thank you! Thank you for your beautiful and fun words, put to beautiful and fun music. Thank you for what you have unknowingly done for my mom. I will forever be grateful to you for being who you are.

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