Elk Grove Village Banjo Camp

banjo camp.1

The Elk Grove Village, Illinois Spring Banjo Camp met on Sunday, March 10 in the home of Jane & Richard Sloger. 

In the two-hour session, MD presented several songs, including Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms, I'm Sad and I'm Lonely, Jubilee  and Mole in the Ground, based on the playing of the late Fleming Brown.

Musical concepts covered included finding chord tones, and using them to improvise a solo, playing melody by ear, identifying notes on the fretboard, two-finger picking, up-picking, keys and capos, open G tuning, double C tuning and single C tuning. The Slogers provided some very wonderful snacks and refreshments.

Pictured in the back row is Danny, Peggy, Stacy, Kevin, In the front row is Jim, MD & Jane. Plans are already in place for an autumn follow-up session. Stay tuned to this space for details.

Visit the Banjo Tab Archive here for free printable downloads. If you would like to sponsor MD for a group workshop or private lesson in your home, please get in touch here.

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