December Songs digital EP presented by Music & Potlucks

December Songs EP is four high-quality mp3 tracks. MD covers Bob Dylan’s great song, “On a Night Like This” and debuts two seasonal originals, “A December Waltz,” and “Under Mistletoe.” The EP set concludes with a year-end tribute to the legendary folk group The Weavers, with a sing-along-ready arrangement of the traditional carol, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” Liner notes are included. All yours for the asking with a free-will donation to  Music & Potlucks

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The FREE downloads will be available through the end of the year. 

Begin by clicking on the green patch to the right to download and print the December Songs EP liner notes. Next, give a listen to the 4:38 preview medley. Then click the Music & Potlucks patch and make a free-will donation to Music & Potlucks. Fill out the form and you will receive the URL to the secret download page at 


Winter is upon us up here in the north. Mother Earth has tilted once again on her axis, away from the sun, just as always. The ancient wind has changed and the snow will soon follow, covering streets and meadows, alleys and farm fields. The snowbirds will again fly south while the rest of us hang on through the ice and cold, to trudge and shovel again, all the while recalling warmer days and happy moments with family and friends.


And with every season the songs change too. Hopeful songs of spring grow and turn green with the coming of summer. The long warm days lend brightness to our travel and carryings-on. Then all of a sudden it’s time to get back to school, to note the turning of the colors, to tend one last time to the autumn garden, and to watch football games on TV.

With the first spit of winter we brace ourselves. We retrieve our boots and winter sweaters long ago stashed away. The north wind comes and the yellow corn stalks are again torn full of holes. And with the darkness and thecoming of holiday lights, it’s once again time to return to and dust off, a handful of the old December Songs. Thanks for falling by.


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