Welcome home


Here at markdvorak.com, we sure have enjoyed the ease and flexibility of Apple's iWeb software and MobileMe web hosting. Last summer though, Apple announced plans to discontinue both iWeb and MobileMe. We've been searching for a replacement design program and hosting service and we think we've found a winner.

The new website was created on Kareila's Sandvox, and so far we think it's great. Sandvox can't do everything iWeb could, but to be sure, it does a few things better. Our goal for 2012 is an improved site with more intuitive navigation while still offering great content. Also, we're now hosted by A2hosting.com, and are looking for a long and steady run together. 

Hope you'll come by often.

Stay in touch • info AT markdvorak.com • PO Box 181 • Brookfield IL 60513 • 312 315 4273