We get letters...


Gweneal Messe a guitarist from Vitre, France writes:

I live in France and discovered you on spotify.com by chance. I can't stop listening to your song 'I Hate to See the Summer Go.' It is a fantastic song!

I want to know if it's possible to get the tab of this song somewhere. I play guitar and I would be glad to play it.

Thank you Gwenael! 

Download it here. Included are the lyrics, chord chart and a tablature of MD's instrumental break. We hope that gets you started. 

Stay in touch if you need something else, and let us know if you post a YouTube performance of the song. We'd love to share it with others!

Hear I Hate to See the Summer Go on MD's Waterbug CD, Time Ain't Got Nothin' On Me. Order the CD here.

Watch the video here.

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