We get letters...

Ms. Julie Morley from Chicago IL writes...


Mr. Dvorak -

Two or three favorite colors? My seven-year old daughter Katharine (Kit) wants to make you a Rainbow Loom bracelet...

We LOVE  your CD 'Time Ain't Got Nothin' On Me." It's already a cult classic here in our home-bound igloo. We just keep pushing 'play.' 

Kit has dancing feet. When the first song comes on (The Middle Years) she says, 'It's a twirl song!' My husband asked me last night, "What is it with Kit humming about the Bluebells in Kentucky?'

She also asked about the blues song ('Livin' with the Blues) and the man who is using hard rocks for his pillow. She asked if he was 'homeless.' It opened up a whole, thoughtful chat about how losing love is like losing home, so - yes - in a way!

I am sending a link to your website to my Hospice music director friend and the grief coordinator. 'We Become' - breathtaking lyrics, Mark!

Unlike me, Kit remember the banjo song from your library concert, 'Oh yean, Mom! Ruben!' she said.

What's most amazing to me is how in listening... I hear echoes of favorite musicians in there - Gordon Lightfoot, Harry Chapin, John Sebastian and Phil Ochs.

Your publicity brochures are heading straight to our next Parent Organization meeting at school! I will suggest the children learn to make a wood cut like the awesome one used for your signature gift card.

Enthusiastically your newest fans, J & K Morley

Thank you Julie and Kit! You have made our day!


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