Pryor Hollow, Tennessee

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The Friends of Land Between the Lake honored MD with a special recognition for his 18th appearance at the HomePlace Pickin Party on June 11 of this year. 

The Pickin Party takes place each summer at the HomePlace, an 1850s working farm located in the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. The festival features music by local and traditional performers and singers and curated demonstrations of authentic nineteenth century folkways art and handiwork. 

Event director Cindy Earls presented Mark with a framed poem composed by Don Williams and a pair of hand-woven mittens.

“Mark represents the musical spirit of everything that happens at the Home Place,” she said. “He along with The Dixie Volunteers, and now Common Thread, make up the core of our annual Home Place reunion."

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The poem reads:

Mark Dvorak as we all know, 

teaches old-time music in She-car-go.

Back before the year 2000 came around

Ms. Cindy Earls asked Mark if he would come down

and be a part of the picking show 

at the HomePlace, so he decided he’d go.

To his surprise when he got there

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he found a lot of pickers who were willing to share

the old-time music of the Tennessee hills,

so he jumped right in and boy he was thrilled.

He met an old man with whiskers on his face

a funny sounding banjo and a nickname, “Ace,"

who had more fun than should be allowed,


but this old man sure pleased the crowd.

Well, after all these years Mark still comes here

singin’ and pickin’ the songs we love to hear.

Like “I’m My Own Grandpa,” and “Two Little Boys,”

and everyone loves him and makes lots of noise.

As far as we’re concerned he will always be

a part of the Pickin Party family in Tennessee.

So we honor him and hope he will see

just how much we love him here in Tennessee.

So here’s to Mark, please keep coming back,

in honor of you we present you this plaque.

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