My kind of town


SKOKIE, IL - Skokie. That's right Skokie, Illinois. Skokie is the Native American word for 'fire,' and is the world's largest village. Skokie is the home to the map people, Rand McNally. 

Skokie also has an excellent public library, the Skokie Public Library and they will be hosting "The Life and Songs of Woody Guthre" on Sunday, September 16 at 2:00 pm.

The program will feature the Old Town School of Folk Music's Mark Dvorak interpreting a number of Woody Guthrie's classic songs in honor of Guthrie's centennial year. Dvorak will by accompanied by Evanston Symphony violinist/violist Lynn J. Malnekoff and the The Old Town School Folk Club Choir. The Folk Club Choir includes Carole Ball, Peg Browning, Stacy Holzwarth, Carolyn Meadows, Walt Meder and Marge Weber, who will read selections from Guthrie's letters, columns and books to illuminate the spirit of America's great folk ballad maker.

"I first began developing this show with members of the Plank Road Folk Music Society in the 1980s," remembers Dvorak. "I've presented it since then in different variations at the Old Town School, the Folk and Roots Festival, and just last July at the Square Roots Festival on Lincoln Avenue. Like Guthrie, the show is always evolving, always changing, and always new."

"For this presentation I went back and dug out the old Plank Road script from 1984. Our singing community at the Old Town School as enough talent and energy to really bring these songs to life in a special way."

The Skokie Library is located at 5215 Oakton, Skokie. More information at 847 324 3126 or on the web at

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