Fall Banjo Camp

On Sunday, November 24, the Fall Banjo Camp met in Elk Grove Village, Illinois for a memorable afternoon. 


Pictured in the back row from left to right are Peggy, Stacy, Donna and Jim. Seated in the front row are Tom, Chris, MD and Jane. That's Molly the Dog.

The nearly three-hour session covered a lot of ground and material. The group worked on listening to, and playing back a melodic sequence, and embellishing a melody with pull-offs, hammer-ons and slides. 

The group also identified chord tones and color tones, worked on the two-finger style, and experimented with G modal tuning. Host Jane Sloger provided yummy snacks, a pumpkin-pie cheesecake and good strong coffee.

Here are the tabs for the material worked on by the group:

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