Bowling for Christmas & Other Tales from the Road

Bowling for Christmas & Other Tales from the Road contains twenty-one essays and three poems from the notebook of traveling folksinger Mark Dvorak. The collection recounts a journey not always taken on the highway. It is engaging, revealing, intelligently written, and the author emerges from between the pages as a caring, observant and gentle man. Dvorak's gift for descriptive prose and poetry takes you "there."


"I promise you, the ability to play a banjo and guitar, even marginally well, will result in many adventures, and more than a few curious circumstances..." - from "Bowling for Christmas"

The literary collage resonates with Dvorak's singular voice. He writes about searching for the grave of the Louisiana born folk and blues singer Lead Belly, and takes readers back stage at the Philadelphia folk festival for a jam session with the late John Hartford.

He reminisces about a youthful cross-country motorcycle trip, and reflects on the death of tenor Luciano Pavarotti. He reports on his tour of Finland and locates the tunnel in West Virginia where the legend of John Henry was born. The book culminates with the touching short story, "Bowling for Christmas."

Print and ebook copies will be available in early November. Stay tuned to this space as details emerge. Pre-order your copy here.

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