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The Pod Squad


Look for MD's podcast, "Traveling On" to debut right after the first of the year. 

The monthly program will feature stories from the road, essays, poems and other neat things to enjoy. Stay tuned.

Church of the Never Wrong


Chicago's Sons of the Never Wrong have released a remarkable new CD, Church of the Never Wrong, a twenty song set featuring Sue, Deb, Bruce and a whole bunch of their friends from the Chicago music community. 

MD contributed one track to the collection, the previously unrecorded In the Shadow of the Mountain

You can order the CD from, iTunes, CDBaby or

For a limited time you can order right here, from Get yours right away.

New Old Town School of Folk Music Classes

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The new session at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago begins January 9, 2012 and there is still room in MD's classes. 

This should be a particularly exciting winter as the new East Building is scheduled to be open and ready to go. After 4 years of planning and construction, 2012 marks the beginning of a new chapter in the Old Town School's long history.

Mondays beginning January 9, 8:00 pm - Guitar 4Ever with Mark Dvorak

Tuesdays beginning January 10, 6:30 pm - Tuesday Folk Ensemble with Mark Dvorak

Tuesdays beginning January 10, 8:00 pm - Guitar 2 with Mark Dvorak

Glenbard West High School


Steve Wiersum is one the American Studies teachers at Glenbard West High School in Glen Ellyn IL, and is the model of effectiveness in the classroom. 

MD had the chance to address two of his classes on November 23 with a presentation, The American Folk Song. Both classes were extremely attentive, responsive and very receptive to the music.

Junior art student Meg Viola sketched this image of MD during the program. Thank you Meg!

Welcome home


Here at, we sure have enjoyed the ease and flexibility of Apple's iWeb software and MobileMe web hosting. Last summer though, Apple announced plans to discontinue both iWeb and MobileMe. We've been searching for a replacement design program and hosting service and we think we've found a winner.

The new website was created on Kareila's Sandvox, and so far we think it's great. Sandvox can't do everything iWeb could, but to be sure, it does a few things better. Our goal for 2012 is an improved site with more intuitive navigation while still offering great content. …

Stay in touch • info AT • PO Box 181 • Brookfield IL 60513 • 312 315 4273