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Pete Seeger & the Power of Song


On January 29, MD and members of the Old Town School Folk Chorus performed “A Tribure to Pete Seeger” at Convenant Village Retirement Community, Northbrook IL. The one-hour concert was broadcast on local access televsion throughout the Covenant Village campus.

Click here or on the image of Pete to download the audio.

Dvorak who played guitar, 5-string banjo and 12-string guitar, was joined by Ronna Baron, Michelle Billingsley, Samantha Kyrkostas, Larry Lindeman, Carolyn Meadows, Jim Picard, Daniel Pierce, Mary Schons, Suzanne Strom and Marge Weber.

Perhaps no single person of the 20th century has done more to preserve, broadcast and redistribute folk music than Pete Seeger. …

Bound for the Bluegrass State


Chicago folk musician debuts Community Concert Partnership in Kentucky March 18 - 20

LEXINGTON KY - When folk singer-songwriter Mark Dvorak began his career in music, he knew right away he was in it for the long haul. “For me, folk music has always been a part of our  shared history,” said Dvorak, who is based in Chicago. “But it also gives us a language we can use to express ourselves, and to let others know what we are thinking and what we are feeling.”

“For years I’ve been trying to figure out a way to bring this music to more people. I’ve wanted to find the right situation where people can get into the songs, and also sustain myself as a touring musician,” he said.

Building the Studs Terkel Archive


Louis “Studs” Terkel was a Pulitzer Prize winning author, ground-breaking oral historian, and host of a radio show on Chicago’s WFMT for nearly 50 years. He was a Chicago icon, a man of the world, and a man ahead of his time. To keep his legacy alive and growing - and to help new generations engage with Studs and explore the themes he celebrated -  the Studs Terkel Radio Archive has been established at

There are thousands of amazing interviews waiting to be added to the Archive, and we need your support now to add these interviews to our free online collection.

Just Something My Grandma Used to Sing


ALTON IL - The Hayner Public Library welcomes Chicago’s “official troubadour” Mark Dvorak to its performance series on Tuesday, March 8 at 6:30 pm. The concert will take place at the Alton Square Library, 132 Alton Square.

Dvorak will present “Just Something My Grandma Used to Sing,” an autobiographical program of songs and stories.

“My grandma used to sing all time, around the house and on car rides,” said Dvorak. “She was also in Sweet Adelienes group in the 1950s and knew lots of old songs from the 30s and 40s. Over the years I’ve been adding arrangements of these classics to my repertoire.”

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