Airplay Update

MD’s 2015 release “Back Home,” continues to receive airplay across the country. Get in touch here to request your free promotion copy. 


Thank you Folks!

  • John Rumsey, “Four Strong Winds,” Nevada City CA
  • Bill Revill, Acoustic Blender,” WESU, Middletown CT
  • Kevin Elliot, WEFT, Champaign IL
  • Dan Kugler, “Somebody Else’s Troubles,” WLUW, Chicago IL
  • Rich Warren, Midnight Special, WFMT, Chicago IL
  • Lilli Kuzma, “Folk Festival,” WDCB, Glen Ellyn IL
  • Jim Fisher, WGCS, Goshen IN
  • Taylor Caffery, “Hootenanny Power,” WRKF, Baton Rouge, LA
  • Michael Kane, WBRS, Waltham MA
  • Maggie Ferguson, “The Old Front Porch Radio Show,” WXOU, Auburn Hills, MI
  • Justing Helmer, “Frets,” KVSC, St. Cloud MN
  • Jon Colcord, “Out of the Woods,” Concord NH
  • Kate McNally, New Hampshire Public Radio Folk Show, NH
  • Artie Martello, “Mostly Folk,” Halcottsville NY
  • Sonny Ochs, “Folk Music & Other Stuff,” WIOX, Rocksbury NY
  • Chris McGill, WSPN, Saratoga Springs NY
  • David Sears, “Folk Show,” WBGU, Bowling Green OH
  • Jim Rogers, WIUP, “Folktime!” Indiana PA
  • Ken Batista, “An American Sampler,” WYEP, Pittsburgh PA
  • David John, “Random Routes,” KEOS, College Station TX
  • Wayne Greene, RadioWayne, Ft. Worth TX
  • David John, “Chicken Skin Music,” KTRU, Houston TX
  • Jim Canales, WWSP, Stevens Point WI

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