A Beginner Learns Guitar

A Beginner Learns Guitarn1367441457 6261 is MD's 29 page reflection for those who are new to the guitar and for those who haven't started yet. The chapters are presented in chronological order and invite the reader to visualize much about their hands and their guitar.

First published in 2006, A Beginner Learns Guitar has been re-edited and formatted for free download for in .pdf format. 

An excerpt:

"You are not alone. The way to playing guitar well is thoroughly known, and those who take the time and care, to make just a single, clear, purposeful tone on their instrument, join the many thousands of others who have already ventured down this path. Age and talent have nothing to do with making progress, or making music. They who listen well and show up to work, get to where they are going."

Download A Beginner Learns Guitar in .pdf format here (29 pages).

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