Wheaton IL • 11.9.19 • Acorn Coffeehouse


Singer songwriter Dvorak’s long journey into folk makes a stop in Wheaton November 9

WHEATON IL - The Acorn Coffeehouse at the Burning Bush Gallery presents "Chicago’s official troubadour” Mark Dvorak for an evening folk, blues and original song on Saturday, November 9 at 7:30 pm. The Burning Bush Gallery is located at 216 N. Main Street.


The singer songwriter has won awards for journalism and children’s music and received the 2013 FARM Lantern Bearer Award from Folk Alliance International. In 2008 he was honored with the Woodstock Folk Festival Lifetime Achievement Award and in 2012 WFMT 98.7 fm Midnight Special host Rich Warren named him “Chicago’s official troubadour.”

Dvorak is busy at work on his eighteenth recorded release which he hopes to have out in early 2020.

“When I started out,” said the singer, “I knew I was in it for the long haul.Thirty-five years later I’m still out on the road, still writing, still recording and still learning. At this stage of the game I feel like I’m doing my best work.”

Dvorak will be performing songs from his upcoming release Let Love Go On, as well as a selection of traditional folk, blues and pop standards from the Great American Songbook at the Acorn Coffeehouse concert.

“I like to mix things up. I’ve always been attracted to a wide variety of music and I enjoy piecing together each evening’s set in a new way. It’s always been like that. The great folk and solo performers through the years have always presented a lot of variety; from Pete Seeger to Bob Dylan. They wrote and sang about everything,” he said.

“When I was in high school I wanted to be Bob Dylan,” said Dvorak. “And then I read a book about him I didn’t want to be him anymore. But I’ve learned a lot from Bob. His very first record was released in 1961 when he was only twenty years old. It included one of the first songs he wrote, “Song For Woody,” a song to his hero Woody Guthrie. It’s simply a stunning piece of work.

“I listened to it over and over and in the fourth verse Bob sings, ‘Here’s to Cisco and Sonny and Lead Belly too…' I already knew who Woody Guthrie was but I had only heard the names Cisco Houston, Sonny Terry and the great Lead Belly. It was as if Bob was holding a door open for me when I listened to that song saying, “Come on in, walk through the door and find out who those people are and learn their songs. Begin the journey.”

General admission to the concert is $10. Reservations are recommended by logging onto www.acorncoffeehouse.com or phoning 630 393 1247.

For more information on the Burning Bush Gallery visit www.garychurch.org. Find Mark Dvorak at www.markdvorak.com.


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