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The Chicago Tribune has called Mark Dvorak “masterful,” and the Fox Valley Folk Festival describes him as “a living archive of song and style.” In 2012, WFMT 98.7 fm Fine Arts Radio named him “Chicago’s official troubadour.”


Mark Dvorak has given concerts in almost all of the United States and has made visits to Finland, Canada and Ireland. To date he has released seventeen albums of traditional and original music, including Waterbug’s acclaimed Time Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Me, and 2015’s independent release, Back Home.

Dvorak has won awards for children’s music, journalism, and was honored in 2008 with the Woodstock Folk Festival Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2013 he received the FARM Lantern Bearer Award from Folk Alliance International.

In 2013 he published his second collection of essays and poetry, Bowling for Christmas & Other Tales from the Road.


Mark tours coast to coast and welcomes all reasonable inquiries.

Mark Dvorak

PO Box 181, Brookfield IL 60513

mobile 312 315 4273  

direct 708 442 0823

 listen & watch

LIVE AUDIO • MDLive • 14:00 • listen here • 4 songs recorded live from June 16, 2018 • The Blue Plate Special WDVX 89.9 fm • Knoxville TN • The Glory of Love • Every Step of the Way • Let Love Go On • Old Friends

LIVE AUDIO • The Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour • 11/11/17 • LIVE from the Wild Rose Moon, Plymouth IN • 20:40 • 19:15 • 17:00 • LISTEN HERE

STUDIO AUDIO • Let Love Go On • samples from MD’s upcoming studio release

  • Brand New Wings (M. Dvorak) 3:30 • listen here
  • Every Step of the Way (M. Dvorak) 3:29 • listen here
  • I Don’t Need It Anymore (M. Dvorak) 3:19 • listen here
  • If I Only Had a Match (Morris, Johnson, Meyer) 2:53 • listen here
  • In the Shadow of the Mountain (M. Dvorak) • Written for a friend who one day found that he had picked up a habit and was in the throes of addiction. 3:04 • listen here
  • Let Love Go On (M. Dvorak) Inspired by the poetry of Illinois native Carl Sandburg. • 2:49 • listen here
  • L-O-V-E/On the Street Where You Live (Kaempfert, Gabler/Lerner, Loewe) • It took me more than two and-a-half years to work this arrangement up from scratch. Recorded on my phone in one take in a back hallway at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago IL • 4:08 • listen here
  • Old Friends (M. Dvorak) Old friends are the best friends • 3:36 • listen here
  • Parade of Fools • (Al Kniola) Al Kniola has co-hosted The Back Porch in South Bend IN since 1995. I heard Al perform his fine song live one evening and thought it then to be a keeper. Still do. • 3:57 • listen here
  • The Glory of Love • (Billy Hill) •  Chicago’s Big Bill Broonzy played this number on opening night at the Old Town School of Folk Music in late November, 1957. Been chasing this one down for a long time now. Recorded June 2018 on a live broadcast from The Blue Plate Special WDVX fm 89.9 Knoxville TN. • 2:52 • listen here
  • This Train Ain’t Bound for Glory Anymore (M. Dvorak) 3:16 • listen here
  • Trying to Get the Balance Right (Johnny Duhan) This one has been with me for a spell. First heard Jim Craig of Chicago perform it in a little club in the early 1990s. Traced it back to Mary Black’s wonderful version. • 3:23 • listen here

LIVE VIDEO • FARM Official Showcase • 10/21/17 • Trying to Get the Balance Right • This Train Ain’t Bound for Glory Anymore • It’ll Be Better • Let Love Go On • Old Friends (19:51) • WATCH HERE

LIVE AUDIO LIVE from WFMT Folk Stage9/1/12 • Ruben You Can Play Your Banjo • I Hate to See the Summer Go • It’ll Be Better (11:09) • LISTEN HERE 


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